White Paper Of Unichain

The technical white paper
June 27, 2019 [version 0.5]


Unichain is a highly scalable blockchain platform that takes advantage of cutting-edge technologies which has capacity of handling millions of transactions per second while reserving the decentralization and security. Unichain is firstly designed to serve the Uniworld ecosystem [1]. It is a public blockchain with multi side chains so everyone can connect and use this platform for any purposes. We provide the until layers and development tool kits to work with Unichain as long as Uniworld ecosystem.

Blockchain is getting more and more popular today. It’s not just a crypto-currency but also applying in many traditional applications such as loyalty program, user identity, supply chain, health care, insurance and banking [2] … the first and most famous blockchain is Bitcoin which is described as p2p electronic cash which can process around 3 -7 transactions per second (TPS) [3]. Ethereum is described as blockchain 2.0 that supports smart contract and decentralized application. The maximum number of transactions that Ethereum can handle is 15 TPS [3]. Some of the recent blockchain platforms promise to increase the TPS to hundreds or thousands TPS by changing the consensus algorithm (for example: Proof of Stake, Proof of Authority …) or applying the sharding, multi chain technologies.
It’s clear that those blockchains mentioned above cannot be used in real and daily applications. The more people join the network, the more transactions and the more time to wait for transactions to get confirmed.
Scalability is one of the most important factors of blockchain platform beside the decentralization and security. In the following sections, We propose a new blockchain platform that combines advantages of many current blockchain technologies including side chain architecture, Dpos-HotStuff consensus algorithm, bridge protocol and also the incentive model. We call it the Unichain.
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Chang Chang·

Unichain is really worth using

Oliver Hoang·

One milion transaction per second?

ervin ervin·

Lei av det faktum at din manndom ikke stiger når det er nødvendig? I dette tilfellet, ville jeg råde deg til å prøve dette nettstedet, prøv det og du, jeg er sikker på at du vil definitivt være fornøyd.

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