Emergency Light Manufacturers-How Is Emergency Light Developed?

Emergency lighting and evacuation indicator system as a very important part of the fire protection system, has played an important role in helping people escape when disasters occur. Below we will learn a little bit about the development of this system from several parts.

1 Composition of traditional emergency lighting and evacuation instruction system

The emergency lighting and evacuation instruction system, as the name suggests, is divided into two parts, the emergency lighting part and the evacuation instruction part. Emergency lighting lamps mainly include double-headed emergency lamps and ordinary lighting lamps with emergency functions. As the most common emergency lighting fixtures, double-headed emergency lights are almost everywhere. This lamp has its own battery, which can automatically light up and play a role in lighting when the power is cut off. Another type of emergency lighting fixture is an ordinary lighting fixture with an emergency function.

2 Problems with the application of double-headed emergency lighting

A very practical problem faced by such lamps in use is. As a part of fire emergency lighting, the design unit will design it in the power supply circuit of the fire protection system, and according to the requirements of the specification, the emergency lighting will not be cut off as a type of power supply for fire equipment, which means that the theory The power supply of the double-headed emergency light is always on, then the problem comes according to the working principle of most double-headed emergency lights currently on the market, it can only be lit when the power is disconnected, so it is when a fire occurs Will not light up. In order to solve this problem, we often use a normally open contactor to supply power to the double-headed emergency light. This contactor is controlled by the fire protection system. The contactor is usually closed for a long time, and the double-headed emergency light is turned off during the fire. . However, I personally think that although this method solves the problem of forced lighting of the double-headed lights, it is actually unreasonable to forcefully cut off the mains power by relying on the battery in order to light the double-headed lights. In addition, the corresponding failures of the contactor during long-term suction will increase, and the corresponding maintenance is a problem.

3 General lighting with emergency function

Another type of emergency lighting fixture is a general lighting fixture with emergency function. This kind of fixture is normally used as part of daily lighting. It is controlled by the rocker switch on the wall. When the fire occurs, it is forcibly lit by the fire control system. The principle of its forced lighting is very reasonable. It is realized by a dual-control switch. Simply put, the dual-control switch has two live terminals, the terminal connected to normal mains is usually powered, and the other is connected to fire protection. The terminals of the emergency circuit have no electricity. The fire emergency circuit is also connected under control during a fire, so this is because the two terminals of the dual control are connected to the live wire, so the lamp will be lit no matter where the switch is at the moment, and even if the two live wires are not powered In addition, the battery in the lamp can also ensure that the lamp continues to light.

4 Evacuation indicator

We will not introduce too many evacuation indicator lights, such as the safety exit indicator lights everywhere. Since the evacuation indicator is always bright, there is no need for any functions such as forced lighting.

Intelligent fire emergency lighting and evacuation indicator system

In response to the various shortcomings of the original double-headed emergency lights and in order to increase the probability of crowd escape in the event of fire as much as possible, the GB51309-2018 "Technical Standards for Fire Emergency Lighting and Evacuation Instruction System" implemented by the state on March 1, 2019 The equipment requirements of the lighting and evacuation indicator system have a new direction. The general summary is that: the centralized control system needs to use lamps below 36V, and the non-centralized control system can also use 220V emergency lights. The centralized control type has an intelligent control function.

The original text of the specification is explained as: "When setting up a centralized control system, the emergency lighting controller can control the light source of the lamp connected to it according to preset logic and timing according to the occurrence, development and spread of fire, for the safe evacuation of personnel and the fire rescue. Provide the necessary illuminance conditions and provide correct instructions and guidance information, so as to effectively ensure the rapid and safe evacuation of personnel; at the same time, the emergency lighting controller can monitor the real-time monitoring of the connected lamps, emergency lighting centralized power supply or emergency lighting distribution box Work status, promptly prompt the fire safety management personnel of the fire control room to repair and replace the faulty system components to ensure that the system can reliably operate in the event of fire and other emergency situations, so as to play the system's due fire function. Where there is a fire control room, a centralized control system should be selected. "

Therefore, the intelligent fire emergency lighting and evacuation instruction system must be the mainstream configuration of the future emergency lighting system. Linsheng is one of the professional Emergency Light Manufacturers in China. With a professional team and advanced machines to manufacture emergency light products, we can meet the different needs of customers, and we can quickly provide goods. Follow us to learn more about emergency light products and related technical information. Welcome to inquire:

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