Kareem Hunt Wants Nick Chubb Extended, Says Pay That Man

Kareem Hunt showed some unselfishness by making it known he wants Nick Chubb inked to a new contract. Hunt was able to sign a two-year deal last year with the Cleveland Browns. A team friendly deal that is only paying Hunt 12 million dollars over the course of the two years.Man, please pay that man, Hunt said at his youth football camp at Willoughby South High School, where he attended high school - Via Cleveland Hunt went on to point out that the Browns are one of a few teams in the league who really need a good pair of running backs. That is thanks to the lake weather that swirls around First Energy Stadium. There were some games that we couldnt throw the ball 10 yards, Hunt said. The Browns played three games in November in terrible weather. If it wasnt the rain it was the wind and rain, all around bad and it had an impact on the teams ability to pass the ball. In those kind of games you undoubtedly rely on your running game. Hunt pointed out what we all think. Everyone has seen Chubbs workout videos, his toughness on the field and his running style. Chubb comes off as a quiet person, but hes never been shy with sharing his workouts and his play has spoken for itselfHes a freak of nature, Hunt stated Demetric Felton Flag. He is a brother to me, and I love what he does on and off the field. Just a great person and teammate.The last part of that is something that Chubb has working for him in the NFL. Cleveland simply does not have to worry about Chubb doing anything he shouldnt Baker Mayfield Hoodie. A good player on the field and civilian off the field. As of late the momentum doesnt really seem to be if the Browns will extend Chubb, it is a matter of when. With his agent and the team already engaged in talks - it could be sooner rather than later. In this case Kareem Hunt is only saying what every player on the team is probably thinking, extend Nick Chubb for the foreseeable future. All around, this is the kind of atmosphere the Browns have strived to build.

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