Needleless Injection Site -Needle-Free Connectors: What Does It Do?

The positive pressure connector is in a closed state without any connecting parts connected to it, and it is kept in a sterile state. The male end of the connector can be connected to the peripheral vein, central vein, indwelling needle, three-way valve and other ports that require a heparin cap. , The negative end can be connected and locked to the syringe, infusion set, blood transfusion set, to complete the treatment tasks of infusion, blood transfusion and blood draw.

1. When the syringe is pulled out, a positive pressure is generated, which automatically advances the liquid in the connecting tube, which can prevent blood from flowing back into the indwelling needle and avoid the formation of thrombus;
2. Needle-free infusion to avoid needle tip injury and reduce AIDS and hepatitis infection;
3. Closed transfusion, sufficient flow, equivalent to 16G needle flow;
4. Sealed valve device to reduce the potential danger of air inhalation;
5. No need to puncture the heparin cap with a puncture needle to prevent tiny particles from entering the infusion system;
6. Reduce the infection and related complications of patients with indwelling venous needles and catheters, and reduce the workload of nursing staff.

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