I always used to play with Madden 21 coins

I simply can't support them .Dude yea. . I am legally depressed playing it since defense is broken. Only way to play with D at this time is man press with purple zones and even that's eh.Sad thing is EA has the rights to simulation soccer games for many years. I guess Im going to have to get accustomed to paying $60 a year for the identical game. I never really saw these issues earlier because I always used to play with Madden 21 coins but once I quit in madden 18 (Started playing in madden 20) and recognized I hated playing way better teams because I chose to stop spending money in my team to invest it all again the year after.

I eventually changed to franchise last year and the sport seems virtually untouched besides cartoons, distinct menu, and unique players. Back when madden was in its prime in Madden 07, you would have never thought that over a decade later madden would have taken a huge step back. I need MUT was never popular and it didnt make as much cash for EA. Together with MUT pulling in a lot of cash EA doesnt care to focus on Franchise and actual gameplay.

Only thing worse than the gameplay would be the soundtrack. If I fucking hear anybody say"dip it in rotation" I will falcon punch their fucking throat.I have not gotten a new Madden because M25 (was tired of paying $60 for the same game every year) but thought it'd be wonderful to have since football may or may not have a complete year this year.I was excited for Face of the Franchise, but... wow. This"narrative" is so lazy and so dumb. Subsequently names the other guy the starter for next year even after you simply won him a National Championship? Madden 21 coins for sale!

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