How to be the best shooter?

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With the increasing number of Pink Diamond Players in NBA 2K20, players are more enthusiastic about the game. This has greatly attracted those who love basketball and stars to join the game, and the demand for NBA 2K20 MT is also growing rapidly. This article focuses on teaching novice players how to train themselves to become the best shooter. As we all know, accurate shooting is the most important thing in a game section. Without accurate shooting, no matter how good the defense, passing or dribbling is, it won't help.

Watching shooting animation has always occupied an important position in the game. But shooting is easier with the latest instalments. Players only need to watch the light meter to release the perfect lens. When you press and hold the operation button, the meter will gradually fill up. The longer you press it, the greater the power. It is important to release the ball immediately when the range meter reaches the highest point. If the range meter emits a green light, it means that the operation is correct, and your player will release the ball with lethal power and precision. Although getting a perfect shot will definitely improve your overall performance on the court, when you are surrounded by a strong defense or playing a long distance game, you may not get a perfect shot.

NBA2K 20 has more than 100 prototypes and 50 new badges for players to unlock. So creating perfect player combinations is almost endless. So when you want to equip players in the best way, picking the right badge can be quite a difficult experience. Throughout the game, the NBA 2K20 progress system allows you to modify the badge, thereby providing you with a large number of opportunities to unlock the full potential. However, Deadeye, Quickdraw and Difficult Shots are good choices in improving shooting skills. Deadeye enables a jumper with a guard to reduce the penalty for shots, and Quickdraw can speed up the release of all jumpers. You will be successful when you pair these two badges with Difficult Shots' increased shooting accuracy. Make sure to upgrade and prioritize these badges to increase shooting potential.

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