Galaxy Opal Kobe Bryant Card may be won in NBA 2K20's new history challenge

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NBA 2K20 MyTeam mode has experienced a significant content drop. On Monday, the MyTeam Twitter account launched the next stop of Spotlight Challenges. Players may get the Galaxy Opal Kobe Bryant card. This player card is probably the most wanted card for players in this mode. Similar to what COVID-19 forced the NBA to suspend after its season, players will not have to spend NBA 2K20 MT to get valuable cards in these new Spotlight challenges.

A few months ago, the cards originally provided were diamonds like Kevin Porter Jr. and Cameron Reddish gemstones. If you unlock them all, you can get pink diamonds Brandon Ingram and Pascal Siakam, which in turn makes the Galaxy Opal James Harden available.

The next focus will be on historic players in each series, such as Hakeem Olajuwon, Chris Mullin. Player cards such as Stephen Curry, Julius Owen and Gilbert Arenas will also appear. Bryant cards are probably the most wanted cards for players of all time in this mode. The 2K tweet was released this Monday, but did not disclose all the information. But MT Central has posted a tweet showing all 33 cards posted. We have seen that this set of Spotlight Sim Challenge has improved the level. Most cards are pink diamonds, and there are three Galaxy Opal rewards: Olajuwon, Arenas and Mullin.

Things may end there. But I insisted on my initial guess that Bryant Opalka was about to go offline at some point. Making a difference in the challenge may unlock the final Kobe card somehow. This seems logical. As mentioned before, 2K will never let Kobe get into trouble. But it may also be accused of using the death of the late legend. On the contrary, it is more appropriate to attach him to Spotlights.

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