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The Blockchain and Crypto space is complicated, opaque and full of competition. Uniworld.io aims to change that with Cooperation and accesability.

TOKYO, JAPAN, April 20, 2020 /EIN -- UniWorld.io has just launched its own pre-mainnet Blockchain platform called the UniChain.

It’s the first version called “mainnet 1”. Large updates are planned by Q3 according to the project’s roadmap with the “mainnet version 2” already scheduled for Q4 making.

Uniworld consists of several web-pages and services revolving around improving Blockchain scalability and utilizing A.I. to improve business operations (e.g. with UniMe, a customize-and-create-your-own-chat-bot service). Their goal is to create a unifying cross-chain connecting every major Blockchain to combine processing power and other features without compromising their individual chains but rather act as a connection or “bridge”.

With the team mainly consisting of highly technical non-native English speakers, their social media- and online presence has been a bit wacky at times. However, as the saying goes, this is a case of ``don't judge a book by it’s cover”.

The RD department of Uni, “UniLab Samurai”, has been quietly building and developing their software solutions for several years. With the Blockchain investment hype of 2017 clearly gone, they have continued to focus on developing their products more than anything else.

The team consists of Blockchain veterans that have worked on and evaluated many BC projects and start-ups in recent years. Knowing what to expect and be cautious about, the project is nicknamed “Blockchain 4.0” by some, referring to the scale of the project and intentions to “revolutionize”. With buzzwords like this or “ecosystem” triggering fear in the hearts of many Blockchain enthusiasts that got scammed in many projects years ago, Uni wants to put an emphasis on usability and “being real”. They have thus so far avoided accepting any funding despite the challenges they face in terms of technological execution.

This has largely kept the project very lean which has proved quite a blessing in the midst of the COVID-19 “Corona Virus” epidemic. Where other initiatives suffered severe losses and cutbacks, Uni has kept doing what it has always done and continues to develop UniChain undisturbed.

“Many angel investors have knocked on our doors and offered to support us. The offers are greatly appreciated, but we don't want to receive any money, or at least not yet. We always pictured investments as a chance to form partnerships with stakeholders. As an incentive to improve the project, the sharing of expertise and a better product overall rather than a purely fiscal instrument. Even if it's an incomplete, simple product and there's still gaps in the whitepaper, we continue to run tests and upgrade.” says Daika Ginza, the leader behind Uni on their blog.

MVP first so to speak. Uni is a rare hybrid of moonshot meets patience, realism, and financial responsibility. The vision is simple. “Connect Blockchains. Pool things like computing power and USPs. Make BCs better. A lot.”

The decentralized economy has suffered many setbacks in terms of “trust”. Things need to be tangible. More real. A good example is the lightning network. How many people have actually set that up? It’s simply not very user friendly. It’s not something your average Joey would want to use. Utility first. One of the core reasons BCH has seen so much growth.

“Bitcoin: gains value primarily based on the perception others will buy it. Bitcoin Cash: gains value primarily through growing utility in commercial adoption and usage in general.” - tweet by Roger Ver. We agree.

“Everything needs to be more real. Easier, convenient and useful for users. We do what we do because we're passionate about technology. It makes us go beyond our limits. This is a must for a computer science enthusiast.” says CTO Henry Nguyen.

Daika goes on to say “We want to see all the highly advanced sci-fi tools, robots and gadgets but also the visions like a colony on mars become a reality and at the rate things are going right now, we just don’t see that happening. When we compare Nasa or Blue Origin with SpaceX, we feel inspired and proud. It’s this scientific ‘new deal’ and mindset Mr. Musk and his team employ that we want to follow.

Please note that the team did for a very long time not have a single person that was proficient in English which leads to quite a fair share of documents and media being spiked with grammatical errors.
The technology

UniChain uses the Dpos-Hotstuff consensus algorithm which reduces computational complexity. A block is finalized within 1-2 seconds. It’s built with advanced functionalities to support multiple chains (also called “sidechains”) and to support cross-chain interaction using what they call the UniBridge Protocol.

Combined it gives UniChain the capability to enable real scalability not seen before without compromising secure and fast transactions. It’s designed to greatly enhance decentralized applications. By mixing Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) with HotStuff.

In more tangible words: “A block shouldn’t take longer than one second to finish. (I.e. Block finality). Regardless of if they are 1 MB in size or 32”. With “MutiChain” every UniChain user can create their own Blockchains in the forms of side-chains utilizing the overall capacity of the entire network. The central chain, UniChain, validates all side chain’s states and links them together. Each side chain has its own blocks and transaction validators. Their own economics. And there are Smart Contracts too.

UniChain also communicates with other blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Bitcoin or EOS. Uni proposes a new deal for Blockchain. A new era where Blockchain projects are able to pool their strengths and resources without compromising their individual goals and motives. To solve the many problems they tackle. For cutting-edge technologies to emerge.

UniChain has the capacity of handling millions of transactions in a single second while reserving the decentralization and security for every decentralized application around the world. A moonshot? Absolutely. Hard to pull off? Also correct. As COVID-19’s season is coming to an end, UniChains has but started and the team is dedicated to what has been attempted so many times, but never really been executed with success. We'll stay tuned.

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