The new NBA 2K20 Evo Super Kit provides new features and adds new developments to LeBron, D-Ross active cards

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The NBA 2K20 MyTeam team released the new NBA 2K20 Evo Super Pack on May 6. Players can randomly draw player cards from a spree that includes 100 different Evolution cards. But this requires purchase with NBA 2K20 MT to be eligible for drawing. Some of the Galaxy Opal cards in the game have been added to Evolutions. The following will introduce the new spree and EVO card in detail.

EVO cards are player items that players can evolve to have better overall skills and attributes. The Evolution card provided in the NBA 2K20 Evo Super package is only available for sale for 48 hours. This is a limited time product. The team showed some new EVO with great playability. This includes active NBA leader LeBron James and the Lone Rangers center Kristaps Pozingis and the Nets guard Kyrie Irving. The players mentioned above are all Galaxy Opal EVO. LeBron is the most comprehensive player. He can stand at any position on the field to launch an attack.

There are many powerful players who are loved by players in the limited time card package. We can see the Pink Diamond version of the Nuggets center Jokic and the PD version of Alon Gordon and Diamond version of Rondo in the limited time card package. Galaxy Opal EVO players include King James and Rose and Simmons.

Players who want to purchase these player cards can only purchase them within 48 hours of its release. Players beyond the time will have no chance to have such a player card. In fact, the price of these player cards is not too high. For example, Fengcheng Rose is priced at 154,600 2K20 MT on the PS4 platform. Other player cards are only about 100,000 2K20 MT price. But if players want to get EVO King James, it will cost 1.2 million NBA 2K20 MT. This puts high demands on the players' currency reserves. Players who are anxious for these player cards but do not have sufficient currency reserves can look for reliable agents to Buy 2K20 MT. Under normal circumstances, the agent's items are very cheap and sufficient. I believe that agents can perfectly solve the needs of these players.


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