How to get NBA 2K20 MyTeam Galaxy Opal Lamar Odom

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Recently, there is a news that has been active in the 2K gaming community. There are many rare and powerful players in the upcoming Galaxy Opal player card package of NBA 2K20. This excites all players. It takes a lot of NBA 2K20 MT to buy these player cards. Therefore, many players have already stored a lot of 2K20 MT. Let's see which players were released earlier this month.

NBA 2K20 MyTeam released the new PRIME series Galaxy Opal Lamar Odom last Friday. Before he withdrew from the NBA, he served as a power forward for the Lakers. Odom ’s stature and agility pose a great threat to many players ’custom players. It's not very nice to encounter Odom as the opponent when the players are playing. Odom is 6'10. He is such a comprehensive player that he can attack from any position on the court. The diamond version of Odom is one of the best candidates in the PF position. Now the strength of the newly added Galaxy Opal Odom makes players feel more afraid.

Odom's outside score was as high as 92. Among them, the CIC and three-pointers have reached 95 points, and the penalty is a little weaker, only 92 points, but this is not bad in the power forward player lineup. The most frightening thing is that his offensive consistency with his teammates is as high as 98 points. This shows that he can perfectly cooperate with his teammates to attack. The evaluation of layups and slam dunks in sports is 95 points. Few power forwards can be so balanced. However, his standing slam dunk score is a bit low, it may be that his height limits his score. Although Odom ’s 84-point player is on the low side, he will take the opportunity to pass the ball to his teammates in the right place. In addition, Odom, as a 6-foot-10 power forward, is not slow at all. His stamina, speed and acceleration are among the best in the class. Besides, he scored 95 points in both offensive rebounds and backcourt rebounds. This shows that he can control the time and get the rebound. This can create opportunities for teammates to quickly fight back. Odomka has a total of 68 badges. As many as 43 of them are in the Hall of Fame, and the remaining 25 are gold medals.

Like the player cards previously released, players may draw player cards from these packages. Odom. Players can purchase a single package of 10,500 2K20 MT or 7,500 VC to draw him. If players do not draw Odom from the spree, do n’t be frustrated. At the beginning of the release, Odom's price was close to 1 million NBA 2K20 MT. But now the price has dropped a lot. However, it still takes about 600,000 2K20 MT to get him in the PS4 market. Please don't worry about Odom's practicality. If the players do not have enough funds to reserve, they can find reliable agents to Buy NBA 2K20 MT. Players will not need to spend too much money to get many Cheap 2K20 MT. In addition, NBA 2K21 and NBA 2K21 MT will be released soon. Players are better to save some necessary items to deal with the troubles they may encounter in the future.


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