How to earn Bells legally as soon as possible in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

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The whole world is playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. Many players have already settled down on the new island. Although this game is very focused on hand-made, but as players gradually go deeper into the game, Animal Crossing Bells is the most in-game currency. So how can we get ACNH Bells quickly and more?

By reading the following content, players can know which quick ways to make money. Make money quickly to be independent. Players have to fulfill their dream of becoming the ultimate rich man on the island. Whether players want to buy new clothes or simply want to change their wallets, as long as they are familiar with the following money-making methods, they can greatly increase the player's account balance.

First of all, we need to make money mainly only at a relatively fast rate. Animal Crossing New Horizons' game is slow. So this means that players who want to make money quickly also have to spend some necessary time. You can increase the number of Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells by catching and selling some rare items or the simplest stone shoveling. So players are better not to rush.

The second method is for players to earn money by selling fruits on the island. There are five kinds of fruits in the game: apple and pear and orange and cherry and peach. Successfully selling a local fruit can get 100 Bells, while selling foreign fruit will get 500 Bells. Therefore, players only need to plant foreign fruit trees on the island, and wait for the fruit reserve to increase before they can be sold in large quantities. With this method, there is no need to Buy Animal Crossing Bells in the store (and doing so can bring Nomile Mile achievements). Players can analyze whether the fruit is a non-local fruit or a local fruit from the luster of the fruit. The perfect variant from local fruit trees can make players earn 600 Bells. So players can also cultivate local fruit trees to get more ACNH Bells. Non-local perfect fruits from other islands will give you up to 3000 bells each! You will immediately become Bellionaire!

Players may have learned how to earn Animal Crossing Bells through the introduction of several methods above. In summary, players only need to take good care of their fruit trees and be patient, so there is no need to go to the store to Buy Animal Crossing Bells. Each player can become a monopoly in the future by the above method. Enjoy it at Animal Crossing New Horizons!


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