Thanks So Much for Passing This Onto the Runescape Group

Thanks So Much for Passing This Onto the Runescape Group


Thanks so much for passing this onto the RuneScape Gold   group, JD! As for me, I would delight in seeing things like: Stylized interpretations retro-themed cosmetics. For reference, consider the Artisan Mage, Ranged, and Melee statues in the Clan Citadel. A mix of easy (~2010) and complicated (contemporary ) cosmetics that are appealing to various tastes.

Time-limited events (for instance, postage cards, e.g. Faceless Assassins occasion ) and Yak-Track cosmetics would be amazing for people who missed the chance to make them initially. For Guthix's love can you inform what creates the outfits to stop being lazy with the physical models? The outfit that is prime that is twitch is an absolute joke.

Female model literally uses the male model and it seems *horrible *, and most recent outfits are similarly bulky and boxy. The textures are incredible, though - it's just the recycled boxy models. A lot of the new armor sets are REALLY bulky in areas and do not play nice when you try to mix and match. Especially on females, things like the Equis armor has HUGE plates on the shoulders and waist, but extremely slender limbs which produce the character look as though they're trying to wear something several sizes too big, while the sheratan set is a great example of something that you could reasonably combine with other armor collections (Color/material fitting apart ).

War banners would be cool. They had been a fashionscape stable for skillers in the old days, but to the point they have been neglected since release that they don't even sew correctly. First and foremost thank you for taking the time. Is the feminine character model. That you would attract a great deal of players old and new, if you could create our players seem like that Im sure. I just think to keep RuneScape up with all the ideal internet mmos, individuals will want to observe a well designed player version and not something which resembles tomb raider.Fast and easy! Very trustworthy site to Buy OSRS Gold Sale from, would highly recommend to anyone thinking about buying some.


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