How To Use The New Manual Corn Seeder

The new Knapsack Fertilizer Machine cannot be modified at will and the engine speed can be adjusted arbitrarily.

    1. After buying a new Manual Corn Seeder, before using the engine, you must first carefully read the manual of the machine, pay special attention to the use of the specified brand of fuel, must fully settle and filter before use, and the oiler must be kept clean . For corn thresher manufacturers, the lubricating oil should be kept clean, the quantity added should be sufficient, and it should be replaced regularly, and the brand used should conform to the regulations. Air filters should be maintained frequently. Pay attention to adding cooling water, especially not to make the engine work in a state of lack of water. Always pay attention to check and tighten the relevant bolts and nuts, especially the connecting rod bolts, the bolts on the drive shaft and the lock nuts on the flywheel, and the wheel nuts. If the user buys a new manual corn planter and really does it according to the basic requirements, then the life of the manual corn planter can be greatly extended.

       Second, after buying a new manual corn planter, do not work under load immediately, and run it in trial operation according to the requirements of the manual. After the break-in, clean the engine oil filter and remove the residual impurities in the engine oil. If necessary, replace the engine oil and clean the oil pan.

    1. When the new machine is in operation, it must be done in strict accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer's instructions, no overload, no speed, no feed, no long-term overload work.

    2. The new Knapsack Fertilizer Machine cannot be modified at will and the engine speed can be adjusted arbitrarily. Some users arbitrarily adjust the oil supply and pressure of the high-pressure oil pump in order to make the backpack-type fertilizer spreader run faster.

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