OSRS Fan Artwork I've Ever Seen in

This... is the most beautiful article of OSRS fan artwork I've ever seen in over 13 years of enjoying this game.


This... is the most beautiful article of OSRS fan artwork I've ever seen in over 13 years of enjoying this game. It is comical, the art style is unique and fitting, and it somehow manages to encircle the feelings we felt when we began playing  OSRS Gold back into the fantastic ole' days. I recall the very first time I logged into runescape and the calendar year. Literally twerking to the login audio. I have all music muted and any sound whatsoever like my adulthood is only a black abyss of nothing.

I remember the night my friends showed me RuneScape. Everyone cramming shoulder watching and walking me through tutorial island on a CRT monitor. Nothing amounts to that night no matter how much that I grind. The quest, the delight of what is to come, not fond of being efficient and just enjoying runescape.Beautiful. I believe I started at 6th grade around the year of 2000. Classic has been amazing. My college buddies would get house jump on and quest or train together. It was magic. Found out about membership and begged my father. Huge portion of my life.

As opposed to balancing weapons that are present, they seem to only present new weapons that are the same as different weapons with a distinct focus. I think this would be a great enthusiast. Either buffing stats equal to scim together with the slower attack, or merely altering the attack speed. Either way that could ensure it is effective enough to justify with a prayer build at least.I didn't even recognize just how shitty the stats of the mace arewhen not factoring in attack speed. And that is coming from somebody who played this game for more than 10 years and can be maxed on several accounts. Goes to show I have used lol.

Man RS 2007 Gold  has been an amazing phenomenon with my friends and me. We absolutely loved it although all of us sucked at it. I remember wanting to play together but we could not visit each other's houses so as soon as the school bell rang, we'd run as quickly as possible to a pc which has been free to work with at our neighborhood mall. It was about 5 minutes of complete on running, and whoever got there first are the one playing for approximately 1hr till we needed to go home. I believe the computer was a part of a marketing campaign by a online provider, it was free to"test their awesome interner" so we just went along with the man there let us perform with.


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