Apple has Lost interest in the iPhone and iPad

Apple has Lost interest in the iPhone and iPad

Yesterday, at an event at the Steve Jobs Theater, Apple introduced the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, the updated iPad of the seventh generation and the Apple Watch of the fifth series. The presentation lasted a little over an hour and caused regular bouts of yawning. In addition to the updated range of mobile devices, the company paid much attention to the service. I note that it seems that Apple makes the main emphasis on Arcade and TV +, and not on the new iPhone.

This is not surprising, since the Cupertinians have actively picked up this trend since the beginning of this year. In the spring, Apple introduced Arcade subscription-based gaming service with exclusive releases for iOS and iPadOS, as well as Netflix's own analogue, TV +, which also works on the subscription model. So, let's count how many paid services the company has: iCloud, Apple Music, iTunes, News +, TV +, and Arcade. Ideally, users should pay for it all with an Apple Card, and in this case they get six, because there are no free credit cards.

Apple executives understand that the mobile device market is oversaturated, and the update period is stretching, the vast majority of users refuse to buy a new smartphone every year. Therefore, the company is transformed under the current market conditions and focuses on the sale of services. What we saw yesterday at the presentation is not the lack of innovation, but the savings on the development of devices that will still be bought. It is worth noting several controversial decisions from yesterday's presentation.

IPhone 11 and 11 Pro Camera Module

Doubly unsuccessful decision. Remember how everyone was outraged by the protruding “pancake” of the iPhone 6 lens - get combos. The camera module of the new Apple smartphones now doubles up, first a square platform, and then the lenses themselves. Really it was impossible to sacrifice a thickness of a device of a couple of millimeters to make this protrusion flush with the body, or at least so that only the lenses themselves protrude. I just refuse to understand this decision.

I’m not a fan of the phrase “there wasn’t such a thing with Jobs”, but I would gladly have looked at the reaction of Steve, who saw a prototype of such an iPhone. As you think, how it would end - write your opinion in the comments.

And - innovation

Have you noticed that the majority of the announcement of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro was bought by the Cupertinians? The iPhone is no longer a smartphone, is it now a camera? They told us a lot about the additional second and third lenses and a couple of new shooting modes. We casually ran through the new A13 Bionic processor, calling it the fastest and all.

From the iPhone 11 Specifications section of the Apple website

The iPhone 11 once again repeated the situation with fast charging. According to Apple, it is able to charge 50% in 30 minutes using an adapter for 18 watts, but unfortunately they did not put it in the kit.


Tim Cook called the iPhone XR the most popular Apple smartphone, and its successor is the iPhone 11, which will compete for this title in 2019-2020. The price tag for the 64 GB version starts at 59,990 rubles. Really? Now in 2019, to give 60 thousand rubles for a smartphone with a dual camera, an LCD screen, a memory capacity of 64 gigabytes and an A13 Bionic processor. I note that he could become truly popular and put all competitors on the shoulder blades if he received a price tag of 39,990 rubles.


It is not yet clear how the company is, and most importantly, with the help of which it is going to compete with Android cameras. Triple camera? Chinese and Korean smartphones have long acquired a similar solution, and some manufacturers have four lenses each, and it looks more than worthy.

Cool shooting modes? Night mode is present in any current camera phone. But to the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro there are questions in this regard. Where is the super-zoom, portrait mode for video, and other cool features that the flagships of other manufacturers show off. It is worth noting that the new 11 and 11 Pro lenses received a rather mediocre aperture ratio.

Apple knows its target audience

Kupertinovtsi perfectly know and understand their main target audience, which will buy in any scenario. This is perfectly demonstrated in the official Apple Store app. On the main page of the new seventh-generation iPad: “The display is bigger. It costs the same 27,990 rubles. " This phrase is reminiscent of “quiet” trolling, Apple seems to be hinting, we improved something there, but you still buy it.

Apple store

Thus, you could already understand that Apple's main business in 2019 will not be built around the sale of cool and uncompromising devices. For them, it doesn’t matter on which iPhone you will listen to Apple Music, on which iPad you will begin to watch TV + content and play Arcade exclusives. Most importantly, be sure to use the Apple Card to pay for all of these subscriptions

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