Jordans Stylish design you deserve

Jordans Stylish design you deserve

Jordan 4th generation, this shoe's most eye-catching is Jordan Shoes Sale UK upper: the dynamic flying trapeze logo, the handwritten flight word is full of jumping. It was this ingenious design that saved the Nike and Flying Man brands, because the 2nd and 3rd generation sales were not very good. Configuration: hind palm air cushion, forefoot cushioning rubber.
Jordan 5th generation, officially launched in 1989. For the first New adidas Shoes, reflective materials have been applied, as well as Nike's newly developed cleanable mesh and soles. This shoe uses the 4th generation technology in function, with a more modern and beautiful appearance. The striped design on the outside of the forefoot and the Jordan logo on the tongue are greatly enhanced. Jordan Six Generations

It was officially launched in 1990. Because the Bulls' championship in the 90-91 Buy Jordans 2019 looks different. In the 6th generation, the concept of the rubber shoelace elastic buckle was first proposed in the design. This elastic buckle was very popular at the time. The designer applied it to the 6th generation shoelace. It can easily tighten the shoelaces and play a role. Good decorative effect. The sole of the shoe was equipped with an advanced translucent rubber sole at the time to enhance grip. If you look closely, you will find the word "23" hidden in the shoe body. 2 is a large pattern composed of side support strips on the upper, and 3 is the lowermost pattern on the outside of the sole.


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