UniWorld Celebrates Launch of Ecosystem Focused on Making A.I., Blockchain, & Eco-Conscious Technology More Efficien

Smart Society 5.0 is here and UniWorld is leading the way of integrating the latest in A.I. with Blockchain to make both more effective and build better business solutions while also helping improve education, health and community development.

Mar 02, 2020 (Market News Bizz via Comtex) -- Smart Society 5.0 is here and UniWorld is leading the way of integrating the latest in A.I. with Blockchain to make both more effective and build better business solutions while also helping improve education, health and community development.

SINGAPORE, Feb 28, 2020 – While many companies seem to be in a race to release the “next big thing” in AI, blockchain and other technologies, the reality is what’s available now is hardly being used to its fullest potential. That’s the foundation of the new tech ecosystem UniWorld. UniWorld is a breakthrough concept being executed by seasoned professionals with an inspiring vision – to harness the power of AI and blockchain, synthesize with another tech for the optimization of the Smart Society 5.0. Will this help businesses become the best version of themselves? Yes. But, as importantly, the company also sees this as a rare opportunity to help the disadvantaged and make the world a better place for all.

“Whatever best or brilliant technology as it sounds is just a useless piece of work if not put into practical use. At UniWorld, instead of selling an idea, we are demonstrating to the world the values of our already developed technology, through collaborating with partners and putting our technology into real-world everyday use cases. As such, this aligns with one of our core values, that is to ‘bring technology that makes the world a better place'”, commented Stephen Sim, the CEO of UniWorld.

Currently, the UniWorld ecosystem features products and services like Unibot, a personal 3D avatar and voice chatbot platform base wit AI and deep learning built inside that can be customized to better serve customers in many diverse spaces; UniChain, a cutting-edge blockchain platform that can be scaled to meet all kinds of client needs, with the ability to handle millions of transactions per second while staying remaining decentralized and providing maximum security; UniLab, the Research and Development arm of the ecosystem which has been hard at work since 2013, staying on top of the latest in tech developments and now focused on seeing what can best benefit the UniWorld ecosystem; UniGreen, a vital part of the project, that combines biotechnology and IOT to protect and help the environment to be cleaner and greener; the Mia Foundation, a transparent decentralized fund on the Blockchain network aimed at overcoming and reforming the health, education, environment, charitable and community activities required by the Smart Society 5.0; and much more.

Expect new elements to be added to the UniWorld ecosystem on a regular basis, without compromising the project or its leader’s vision or commitment to quality and transparency.

Partners working with UniWorld stretch across all of the important areas of society with investing fund partners, media partners, government organization partners, exchange partners, and NPO – Society Organization partners, that are highlighted by some of the most respected names in their respected spaces.


The official launch of UniWorld points to a very large step forward in the Smart World 5.0 with nearly unlimited potential. Businesses, individuals, and potential investors interested in where this socially positive AI and blockchain technology revolution is heading are highly advised to keep a close eye on the ecosystem and its related websites. New developments are happening all of the time.

To learn more about UniWorld and the Smart Society 5.0 and the products and services being offered be sure to visit https://uniworld.io. It’s the Re-Evolution for the Next Generation. If you would like more information on UniWorld, or if you would like to interview and ask more questions, please contact:

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