How to write a biology dissertation?

While writing a dissertation there are certain rules one should follow. And when it is about a biology dissertation you may need to be a little more focused and hardworking.

While writing a dissertation there are certain rules one should follow. And when it is about a biology dissertation you may need to be a little more focused and hardworking. 

The dissertations on biology are basically documents which are designed with a motive of demonstrating student’s ability to analyse, investigate, document and represent the research findings based on a biological aspect. The dissertation is actually the final reports. An online homework free.Dr Keith Fredrick suggests that students should always try to write it in a logical and coherent manner. Also, they should provide arguments which consist of the backup of valid research findings from. The sources can be the writer’s own work, or reference to other academic publications, peer-reviewed works. However, generally, the dissertations based on biology or nursing topics must be laid out in multiple chapters listed below:

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion

information about the chosen research site or organisms, and should end by posing the “research question”, or hypothesis, of the biology dissertation. 


The main and most important aim of Introduction in a biology or nursing dissertation is to establish a context. This is required to facilitate research. A well-established context helps in bringing together these elements:

Existing data from published 

Brief information about the selected websites or online organisms

In the end, an introduction must give a glimpse to the hypothesis or “research question” of the dissertation. 

Literature Review

If you will look at history or English dissertation, the literature review is a chapter you cannot skip. It is an integral part of such dissertations. However, a literature review is not needed in a biology dissertation. Still, you should what it is. Basically, you have to provide in-depth information about the existing published sources in comparison to the introduction it is a bit detailed in nature.


The methodology is one of the most crucial chapters of any dissertation. Even if you need online homework for free, struggling with a management dissertation or any other dissertation, the methodology is something you should try and learn to build on your own. Here you will have to explain how the scientific aspect of your research was carried out. Along with this, you should provide the justification of the selections of methods you have used.


This is the second last chapter of biology dissertation. You can simply consider it as an uncluttered presentation of the research findings brought from the detailed analysis of the data. It must contain the presentation of all existing statistical aspects of the raw data which are relevant. There can be speculations, views and opinions concerning the outcomes does not belong to this section. 


Now, in the final and last section of a biology dissertation, you will have to present the outcomes of research in an explanatory manner. They should be discussed in the context with the existing scientific literature. Also, it should involve the possible reasons for observed events. You should always remember that the hypothesis proposed in the introduction must be either accepted or rejected in the discussion. It should be done on the basis of the interpretation of the results.


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