Runescape Game Has Simply Evolved into Something Different

Runescape Game Has Simply Evolved into Something Different.


Mod Pi himself indicated a repair on his Twitter that departing the wilderness hands your opponent a triumph, thus meaning nobody can hold you to ransom and the win vendor could only be murdered immediately, however it had been shouted down so fast from the PKers he had been hoping to impress, which he never even took it into the general RuneScape Gold   population as a suggestion).

There are many ways that they choose to attain this. One would be to call you a food chugging care keep, since the OP noted, so that next time you won't eat just to prove you're not a care bare, and they'll be able to kill you before you escape. Sometimes they'll attempt to describe this as"No Honour PKing", that is only one more means to convince you to not eat, not pray, not use a shield, not attempt and defend yourself in any way, therefore they can get a free kill.

Another is to constantly lobby Mod Pi to the nerfing of the things which help you survive and/or escape, like gorajian mushrooms, phoenix bracelets, healing portents, having the ability to utilize both surge and bladed dive, the Reflect ability, Achto effect etc., which Mod Pi proceeds to nerf just like he's told because he is a griefer in mind and wants that the PKing community to think he's cool.

RuneScape game has simply evolved into something different. Any PvP in which in order to kill them until they escape/teleport you have to get a KO, will naturally lead to the behaviour directed an opponents to not fight as well as they can. There is no way you can truly have a Wilderness without this toxicity, as the toxicity itself is necessary and a huge part of the skill of becoming kills (even if it has nothing to buy osrs gp do with combat ability).


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