The complete 3.9.3 patch notes for Delirium Dare League in Path of Exile

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In another economy, the challenge team has created an incredible new shortcut. All old characters and items of the players will be stored in Standard and Hardcore groups, but it is no longer urgent for you to learn new courses. Do your best to show your authority in Path of Exile! You will be able to experience the Mirror of Delirium from any angle of the Delirium Challenge League. Your presence will begin to blur after contact with the mirror, and nightmares will surface. New deadly monsters have been added to Delirium, and the existing enemies are in a more dangerous situation. And with the gradual penetration of Delirium, the threats players will receive are proportional to the depth of penetration, but at the same time will also receive more POE Currency as a reward.

Cluster Jewels may appear in the loot you get. These new jewels that can only be inserted into the outer edge of the passive tree can only be bought in the Delirium store. And in order to show the new passive skills and popularity, just need to inlay a tree structure to expand players. If the players are lucky, the new Keystone is also possible. Like other items in Path of Exile, you can create Cluster Jewels to modify their attributes. In addition, in Delirium encounters, the possibility of obtaining Delirium Orbs is also quite large. Delirium Orbs can also play the role of covering the entire map area in the dangerous Delirium on the map. You will also find Delirium Splinters, which can be used in combination to access Simulacrum. In Simulacrum, you will encounter Delirium's toughest battle, but also the highest gain battle.

The Standard, Hardcore and Solo Self-Found variants of the Delirium Challenge Alliance all have the same core mechanism and project, so they can be used in version 3.10.0. If you want to create private league versions of these leagues, you can use mods that make the game more difficult. There are 40 new tasks in the new challenge leagues. Delirium Horns will send you the system after you complete 12 challenges. Delirium Cloak will be sent to you after you complete 24 challenges. Delirium Wings will be sent to you when you complete 36 tasks. However, the system has a limitation that these micro-transactions can only be obtained in the alliance. After completing 19 tasks, for every three tasks you will receive a Delirium Totem Pole decoration that can be displayed in your hiding place. How many Delirium challenges you have completed in the league will be permanently displayed on the totem pole.

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