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The game team treats all league versions equally. Many design items have been added to Delirium. At the same time, in order to improve the game experience of the players, the team has further optimized the most important item in the game-POE Currency. This article will introduce the situation of these items and the ideas and processes behind the creation of these items. The game team hopes to create a new gameplay or enhance the game style. This way players can create items you want to pick up and use. For the uniqueness of the alliance, many items are designed to be widely used at lower progress levels, and very hopeful for later very specific versions. There are always exceptions to the rules!

Split Personality was originally designed as Small Cluster Jewel. We decided after thinking about it. If the jewelry can be placed anywhere on the tree, it will become more interesting, and it is best not to be tied to the outermost layer of the tree like Cluster Jewel. We first added all common fixed benefits (attributes, defense, life, mana, and accuracy) to the jewelry to see if there is enough diversity, and can produce many interesting items for construction. These items focus on stacking these bonuses, leaving space for similar unique designs in the future.

The Medium Cluster Jewel, such as Megalomaniac, is designed as a jewelry without direct bonus. But it strengthens the strength of small and large clusters of jewelry attached to it. This became a nightmare for describing and producing works. So we brainstormed and immediately proposed a current design with three random celebrities. Initially, it had four random famous people, but this is too powerful for instant investment.

Beacon of Madness was designed in the early stages of Delirium development. But around a mechanic, he later withdrew from the league due to added unnecessary complexity. Then, in later development, it was redesigned into three unique items based on the debuffing effect imposed by the Delirium monster, providing a powerful reward that we would not normally give up on a single item. However, these bonuses come at the cost of having to skillfully manage the run-time of deductions.

Uniqueness will always be the core part that makes Path of Exile so interesting. They provide you with something to fight for, something to inspire new game styles, and something to add a touch of style and flavor to the game. As the game develops, new designs become possible, and new ideas are formed.

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