Shrink As Stronger Equipment Enters Runescape Game

Shrink As Stronger Equipment Enters Runescape Game


For PvPers who are nothing but that, the problem you want to see would be that dangerous PvP isn't sustainable. PvP OSRS Gold  player base will continue to shrink as stronger equipment enters Runescape game, and folks are less able to win fights since they are not fair fights to start with. A seasoned PvPer who's spent time perfecting high end equipment and the combat system is obviously likely to shred people in lower tier equipment without the exact same expertise or bought skills and PvP auras like ancestral wisdom.

Lots of lures exist outside of wildy (drop lures etc). There are a slew of warnings AND warning signals to prevent wildy lures (lurers requesting you to skull smite yourself; leaping ditch and teleporting to wildy gives actual warnings) that individuals ignore because THEIR greed blinds them. People will always exist but it doesn't mean you have ta remove entire parts of content that people like due to some'bad apples'. I really like wildy PvP since it is harmful; you think more about what you can do, what you bring with you, how you struggle and where you struggle. Dying means losing some of your things (be it rags or big risk) getting the kill means you might make money; whereas in safe PvP none of that really matters, you can die and only tele back up again, rinse and repeat.

So you agree with me greed is a problem. Yes, there are many warnings about baits as well as the wilderness, yet these lurers still manage to profit from doing this, as it does work on some people. They eliminate people's hard earned money, then PM individuals in the max guild, nex bank, regular GE since they are looking for their next victim. It's a massive problem and should be dealt with, lurers and skull trickers really are a problem indeed.

That means harmful PvP has to be replaced with a system that is safer, although I would like to revive the wilderness. We can make the wilderness creatures unique, and bosses there with rewarding drops, and also make it RSGoldFast  players drop the loot. You'd still have reward and risk, but it would be more balanced and less one-sided to new PvPers.


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